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  • [TRANSLATE;text=What Is ] [PROPERTY;key=support-title] [TRANSLATE;text='s Fair Use Policy?]
    [PROPERTY;key=support-title] [TRANSLATE;text= s fair use policy has two major goals]

    [TRANSLATE;text=1) deter fraud and 2) help keep the service unlimited for all digital content lovers].

    [TRANSLATE;text=Our fair use algorithm automatically suspends users whose activity appears to resemble any of the following:]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Commercial use]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Automated consumption]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Recording or duplicating content]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Unauthorized sharing, leasing or distribution of content]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Public broadcasting]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Multiple accounts created with the same device or IP address]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Accounts using a blacklisted device, IP address or PayPal]
    • [TRANSLATE;text=Use of a VPN or Proxy IP]

    [TRANSLATE;text=When a membership is frozen, our team conducts an investigation to determine why said membership triggered the algorithm]. [TRANSLATE;text=Over the years, our investigations have uncovered cases of consumption exceeding 24 hours per day, concurrent streaming on multiple IP addresses and other activity violating our terms and conditions].

    [TRANSLATE;text=This type of activity results in high licensing costs and puts our unlimited offering at risk. It also jeopardizes our partnerships with content providers who license their content to us to be distributed for personal use only].

    [TRANSLATE;text=We realize that some accounts may be flagged unjustly, which is why we manually review all cases]. [TRANSLATE;text=This process can take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days. If our team is able to determine that an account was indeed flagged incorrectly, it is immediately reactivated].

  • [TRANSLATE;text=How to cancel the membership?]

    [TRANSLATE;text=To cancel your membership, please call] [PROPERTY;key=support-phone] [PROPERTY;key=support-phone-time].

    [TRANSLATE;text=You can also request the cancellation via email to] [PROPERTY;key=support-email]